cmykbuttonProduction File Guidelines

Because your job is important to us, we have written this brief guide to help you obtain the maximum quality when we print your job.

All files must be submitted in a PDF format with the following requirements:

  1. All fonts must be embedded.
  2. Photos and artwork should be at least 300 dpi. We cannot be responsible for the quality of any photos or artwork with less than 150 dpi.

  3. All color must be set up in either spot color or CMYK. We cannot accept RGB colors.
  4. All black type must be black only, not Rich Black or Registration.

  5. All color photos must be converted to CMYK with a total ink limit of 240%. Dot gain should be set for 30%.
      Please contact Trumbull Tech Support if help is needed to do this.
  1. All black and white photos must be converted to grayscale with a 30% dot gain.
  2. Documents should be set up to the correct final size.
  3. Any bleeds need to be set at 0.25″ on all sides – printer’s marks are not required.
  4. Transparencies must be flattened.
It is recommended to use the Adobe PDF preset: PDF/X-1a:2001 when creating your PDF file. This setting is an industry standard for printing.
Please contact Trumbull Tech Support if help is needed to create your PDF files.

Color Type

For optimum reproduction and clear and sharp copy, use sans serif fonts such as Futura, Helvetica or similar for small type. Reverse type reproduces best with large bold sans serif fonts. The same is true for color type. Thin serif fonts are difficult to read in color or reverse type. It is recommended that four color type and/or small four color reverse knock-outs be avoided. Black type that uses four color blends should never be used.


If proofs are required, we will provide electronic SendIt proofs. Although other forms of proofs may be requested (PDF, Hard copy, etc.) the SendIt proofs will be the final authorized form.

For optimum reproduction, it is recommended to use our Photoshop Settings  for reproduction on newsprint.

Please contact Trumbull Tech Support if you have any questions on any of these topics.

Production File Requirements & Guidelines October 5, 2011