cmykbuttonUsing our FTP site

Please obtain a username and password from your Customer Service Rep or Salesperson prior to connecting to our ftp server.

Sending files on a Mac

  1. Launch Finder/GO/Connect to Server (command-K).
  2. Enter
  3. When prompted, enter user name and password.
  4. Open your folder.
  5. Place files into folder.

Sending files on a PC

For best results, we recommend using filezilla as an ftp download/upload client.  It is free and it can be obtained here for both PC and Mac:

Using Filezilla instructions

  1. Choose appropriate Operating System and download Filezilla
  2. Follow setup procedure to install.
  3. Open after installing.
  4. We suggest changing the Time Out Settings. Easy to follow instructions are here:
  5. Enter host name (
  6. Enter username (assigned by Trumbull Printing)
  7. Enter password (assigned by Trumbull Printing)
  8. Leave port box blank
  9. Click on quick connect.
  10. Wait approximately 1-2 minutes for folder list to appear on right hand panel.
  11. Find your assigned folder and double click folder to open.
  12. Drag your production files into folder.
  13. To disconnect simply close the filezilla window
Sending files to the Trumbull Printing FTP site October 5, 2011