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Industry Market Update

Updated: May 2018

US newsprint pricing is all over the map from wildly uneven price increases being applied by Canadian and US Producers. There have been more price increase announcements since our last market update. Most markets are still tight, with newsprint grades leading the way. We now see unprecedented fragmenting of newsprint, high-brites, offsets and directory grade prices due to the recently implemented tariffs on Canadian supply of these grades. This results from U.S. mills announcing market- driven price increases, while Canadian producers are seeking larger increases due to the U.S. import duties being collected.

Paper prices continue to escalate at an alarming rate with no-end yet in sight. Reaching unprecedented all-time historical high-levels in 2018.

Paper Grade Price Increase Time-Line

  • September 2018: Offset
  • August 2018: Hi-brite
  • August 2018: Offset
  • July 2018: Newsprint
  • July 2018: Hi-brite
  • June 2018: Newsprint
  • June 2018: Hi-brite (announced)
  • June 2018: Offset
  • May 2018: Newsprint
  • May 2018: Hi-brite
  • May 2018: Offset
  • Apr 2018: Newsprint
  • Mar 2018: Newsprint
  • Mar 2018: Hi-brite
  • Mar 2018: Offset
  • Feb 2018: Hi-brite
  • Feb 2018: Offset
  • Jan 2018: Newsprint
  • Dec 2017: Newsprint
  • Oct 2017: Newsprint
  • Oct 2017: Hi-brite
  • Oct 2017: Offset

News Flash

  • May 2018: The “PRINT Act” (“Protecting Rational Incentives in Newsprint Trade) was “introduced” to members of the Senate today. 
    • At 3:00PM May 14, 2018, Senator Collins of Maine, (co-sponsored by 8 additional Senators) is presenting a Bill to the Senate Floor that would act as “stay of execution”.  The legislation if voted in, would suspend the CVD and AD duties until “the Secretary of Commerce (is able to) conduct a study on the economic wellbeing, health, and vitality of the newsprint industry and local newspaper publishing industry in the United States…”
  • March 2018: The U.S. Dept. of Commerce (DOC) issued two preliminary decisions regarding newsprint and uncoated groundwood paper imports from Canada. If it is determined that these imports were sold at less than “fair market value”, the U.S. will impose anti-dumping ADD on shipments into the U.S.
  • March 2018: A preliminary decision in an anti-dumping case brought last summer by northwestern US producer NORPAC came from the Department on March 13. The DOC said it was ordering duties of varying percentages on Canadian newsprint suppliers.
  • January 2018: Assessments for tariffs from a related case to Canadian paper companies of varying percentages on countervailing subsidies.

Key Market Drivers

  • Paper: Wood pulp prices increased another $20-30/tonne in April, up 6% YTD in 2018 and up $300/tonne over the past 18 mos.

    Paper mill total production costs for North America are forecasted to increase in 2018 as follows: Uncoated Groundwood Hi-Brite to rise 4.6%; Offset to rise 2.4%;  Newsprint to rise 5.3%.

  • USPS: The Postal Regulatory Commission is proposing a 40 percent hike in Periodical (and possibly other mail classifications) postal rates over the next five years. In most cases for those utilizing USPS as a distribution method…the mailing, postage and associated costs are a publisher’s 1st, 2nd or 3rd highest operating expense.
  • Ink: A variety of world-wide raw material trends have led to decreased availability and increased cost of many key components used to manufacture printing inks resulting in increasing ink prices.
  • Aluminum: Tariffs and escalating costs of raw aluminum has resulted in increased printing plate prices.
  • US Dollar currency exchange: The euro is currently at 1.198 and trending downward (weakening). The Canadian dollar is currently at 0.778 and trending downward.
  • Transportation: Costs have increased as mills have higher rates for both rail and trucking due to supply shortages. Some mills are charging transportation surcharges.

Resource Library

Our industry needs your support! Timing is critical. Let’s flood our Representatives, Congress, The U.S. Dept of Commerce and The International Trade Commission with phone calls, emails and letters urging strong opposition to the NORPAC ruling. We also need Postal Reform Now! The fate of our industry and hundreds of thousands of persons rests on these decisions.

* All US printers & publishers could be in for a rough ride!

* Stay tuned and please check back periodically. We will continue to post updates as they become available.