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Using the SNAP ICC Profile

Download the SNAP_07_Newsprint_Coldset.icc file.

In our continuing mission to provide quality print production, we are now providing the industry-standard SNAP (Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production) ICC Profiles to our customers. These profiles, working with Adobe Photoshop, will include many of the proper settings for our presses, including dot-gain and total ink coverage.


  • By setting the correct dot gain, screens will print truer to the intended tones.
  • This profile will produce a “cleaner” print job, as it limits the total ink coverage in color photos, thus reducing smudging and plugging.
  • Photos will print “brighter”, with better contrast and cleaner colors.


To use the profile, place the SNAP_07_Newsprint_Coldset.icc file in the proper folder determined by your operating system:

Windows: C:windowssystem 32spooldriverscolor

Mac OS 9: System folder/ColorSync Profiles

Mac OSX: library/ColorSync/Profiles

In Photoshop, go to Color Settings and set CMYK to SNAP setting. If the SNAP setting is not listed, select “Load CMYK…” which will allow you to browse. Go to the appropriate folder and select the SNAP icc profile. Set Grayscale and Spot to 30% dot gain. Save the setting (name it Trumbull Color).

All photos, prior to placing in your layout document (Quark, InDesign, etc.) should be opened and properly sized to be placed at 100%, with a resolution of 300 lpi, in CMYK format. Once saved, the photo will contain the curves from the SNAP ICC profile.

Please contact Trumbull Tech Support if you have any questions.